Creative Life

commercial, documentary

CREATIVE LIFE (2014 & 2015)

Creative Life is an online campaign where we used documentary storytelling in order to help Swedish/Norwegian musician Rebekka Karijord to launch her latest album “We Become Ourselves”. Which later was praised by Mojo as top 10 best albums of 2012.

By combining social media storytelling with video campaigning, we manage to create something more than just an album. An incredible personal experience that not only created interest, but also sky-rocketed engagement and awareness of her work. By remaking her website into a storytelling platform, we manage to give her fans a closer look into her life. With personal stories and teasers which promoted each song on the album. It not only drove traffic to her website, but also sales to the album.

Instead of interviewing her in the documentary, we chose to invite her to be a part of the whole creation. This by letting her write the voice over. Sharing her own words, experiences and thoughts directly to the fans. We believe that you have to give an artist free hands when it comes to telling their stories, especially to their own fans. Which was the goal of the campaign. Rebekka is in a very niched genre, but the same concept would fit as good for a commercial artists (If not better). Creative Life is a perfect example of how artists can find new creative ways of building a fan base and getting those fans engaged through documentary storytelling.

Supported by Film Gävleborg.

The story itselfs capture the creative process of making an album with Rebekka Karijord, a journey that takes us to her country home where she, a producer and musicians set out to make a record together. Capturing the details of how a record comes to life, this process gives the viewer an understanding of the passion and love being put into making music. Parallel to the process of making an album we also get an insight into how she got her love for music. Having been given a plastic bag of song lyrics at early age from her absent drug addicted father, she got to know him through composing music to his lyrics.