GORBYS – 2014

Gorbys – Keep Going is a online campaign with the goal of giving young people the chance to develop their passions. Each week during the fall of 2014, Gorbys gave out a scholarship of 10 000 kr to several people who was fighting to archive their dreams. In order to bring forward the selected talents, we got to the chance to go around Sweden and capture their amazing stories. Filming Go-cart racing, Dart and Trampoline. From that, we created three personal stories that helped Gorbys to reach hundreds of thousends of people within their target group. This by giving the young generation stories that they could relate to. Stories about dreams, passions and goals.


  • 600 000+ Youtube Views.
  • Buildning community & trust for the brand.
  • Building relationship with target group.
  • Giving the audience people who they can relate to
Agency: Swe and Vizeum. Shot & edited by Rough Studios.