Nästa Nivå


NÄSTA NIVÅ – 2014 & 2015

Nästa Nivå is a branded music documentary series where Sweden’s biggest hip-hop artist are preparing tomorrow’s talents by offering them coaching and recording time in Redbull Studios. By inviting a young generation of hip-hop talents into applying by sending their music. Nästa Nivå managed to get more than 500 applications from artists nationwide. With influencial stars such as Silvana Imam, SEBBE STAXX, Ison & Fille, Gnucci and Adam Tensta coaching the selected artists.

In order to build engagement and interest before the release, Nästa Nivå hosted a concert in Gothenburg. Where the talents got the chance to perform their new songs live on stage. With every coach being there to support and attract people. For Redbull, this content based marketing continued to strenghen their brand, both online and offline. The documentary series was later broadcasted on one of Sweden’s largest media houses, Aftonbladet BOOM.

Produced by Stockholm – Köpenhamn, Shot by Rough Studios